Motivation and Growth speed

Motivation and Growth speed

Taking advantage of the manufacturing technology cultivated in Japan, we will manufacture products with market trends and have suitable competition with customer needs.

Establishing a good administrative system that can not be done by local companies, and prevention follow-up.

We intend to expand orders for manufacturing of high-speed pressed products with less handling in Vietnam.

We send maintenance personnel to our parent company and conduct for training quality, manufacturing, management .
We have a working system at the Vietnam factory so we train experienced personnel in viewpoints and thinking of things and operate as the parent company in Japan. We will strengthen and build human resources to maintain and continue.

To have a challenging spirit and acquire commercial rights that can only be manufactured by our company.


One of our company's management philosophy, "We think that quality is the first priority, we strive to give priority to customers.
We aim at quality products, best products, best quality "based on quality policy.

Quality policy

Realization dream of factory based on "6S"

Quality goal

1. Important quality problem: zero matter
2. Number of customer delivered complaints: zero
3. Quality evaluation of customer : Achievement of customer's target value


We add S of security into 5S, which is often said in production sites, and our company thoroughly informs us of 6S and information released


Safety: safe, secure workplace and environment
Choice : separate what you need and throw away what you do not need
Organization : Place things at the decided position and make them ready for taking use at any time
Cleanliness : Keep it organized and clean
Service : Always Maintain Safety, Choice ,Organization
Availability : Always prepares with good habits and procedures rules correctly.

Report . Contact . Discuss

Report : Share report about information and situation
Contact : Let's contact with the related dept as soon as possible
Discuss : Let's discuss with your boss without self-judgment

At the morning meeting, all employees will read the Japanese 6S · company idea · everyday training , all people at each department and we are aware of the basics of work.

Even if it is unfamiliar to Vietnamese employees, we educate them to change habits of learning and improve consciousness by repeating them from their daily work.