Michio Sasaki General DirectorMichio Sasaki General Director

Greeting of General Director

KBK Co.,Ltd - the parent company was established in 1939 and its entry into Vietnam in 2013. KBK VIETNAM's dream is to contribute to society widely through "manufacturing," and we would like to respond to customers' optimum needs. As a professional group of "Manufacturing" that combines the knowledge and experience cultivated in Japan, We are willing to respond to the diverse needs of customers. We are striving to train ourselves as well as human resources and advanced technology to provide high-quality, high-precision products by experienced personnel training. Always taking on challenge spirit ,We will make the best effort and control process to provide the best quality cultivated in Japan. We always look forward to your support and love for us.

Company policy


  • One Friendly Feel familiar with mutual relations and meet each other
  • One Sincerity Work with a truly heart
  • One Advance Do a job with advanced ideas

We will do our best effort to contribute to society widely through all metal products.

Daily Training

  • One Good morning
  • One Thank you
  • One Welcome
  • Thank you very much

1.Let's do a lively and healthy job
1.Let's start reviewing from basics
1.Sincerely express gratitude

Glocal Value Creation

At our company, we aim to increase the corporate value of the KBK Group by creating high added value products in Global, expanding the growth of business . The Japanese headquarter will celebrate 80th anniversary in November 2018, and as KBK VIETNAM we will further develop human resources and contribute widely to society.
「G: Glocal」Are you conscious of Global?
「V: Value」Is it high added value?
「C: Creation」Are you creating it?
「Monotsukuri」 We are working on aspiration with the dream of "MONOZUKURI" and Roman with turn into reality.

Company Profile

  • Company name

    KBK VIETNAM Co., Ltd

  • Address

    Lot B_4B1_CN, Road DE2 & NE5B, My Phuoc 3 Industrial Park Thoi Hoa Ward,
    Ben cat Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

  • TEL

    0274-222-1500 (1501)

  • FAX




  • Business type

    Enterprise Processing Export (EPE company)

  • Establishment
    of company

    March 19, 2013

  • Capital


  • Capital composition

    100% investmented by KBK Co.,Ltd

  • Transaction bank

    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Resona Bank

  • Local bank

    Eximbank, Sacom Bank

  • Area


  • Factory area

    2,200m2(First phase construction completed)

  • Construction area

    1,700 square meters (schedule for the second space )

  • Having ISO 9001

    June, 2018

  • IATF16949

    2019 /12 May to be acquired

ISO 9001


  • January 2012Visiting to Vietnam
  • November 2012Selection of factory location ( Vietnam domestic survey )
  • February 2013Determination location (My phuoc 3 industrial park)
  • March 2013Registering of factory license (No EPE)
  • May 2013Establishment temporary office in Ho Chi Minh city
  • June 2013Celebration Ground Festival ( starting factory construction )
  • June 2014Factory completed ( first stage construction )
  • August 2014Importing equipments ( pressing machine 45 t, 80 t, 110 t)
  • September 2014Opening ceremony
  • December 2014Recruiting Human Resources and Interviewing (Staffs / Workers)
  • January 2015Starting training. Purchasing equiments for mass production.
  • June 2015Moving to VietNam factory
  • August 2015Vietnamese trained workers from the parent company ( Japan ) jonined VietNam factory ( the first training)
  • October 2015Importing a new equipment (high speed pressing machine 30 tons)
  • December 2015Auditing from customer (passed)
  • March 2016Completion prevention of mixture for incoming and outgoing shipment.
  • March 2016Having of import and export authorization
  • June 2016Customer's first shipment . First delivery
  • June 2016Customer's manufacturing process audit (passed)
  • August 2016Having mold sellling authorization
  • September 2016Starting mass production for customers
  • September 2016Quality / environmental management survey from customer (passed)
  • November 2016Importing horizontal reeling machines
  • December 2016Importing dimension - measuring equiments
  • February 2017Importing a new equipment (high-speed pressing machine 40 tons)
  • June 2018Having ISO 9001
  • December 2018Introduction of 300 ton press machine
  • From 2019 onwardsDepending on customer orders status , importing more equipments and having plan for mold manufacturing investment

Overview of parent company

  • Company NameKBK Co.,Ltd
  • Representative DirectorKeiji Hazeyama
  • Headquarter location3-1-1, Mitsuya naka, Yodogawa ku, Osaka city, Japan.
  • Capital98 million yen
  • FoundingApril 1939
  • EstablishmentNovember 1959
  • Employee100 people
  • Major businessAuto Parts Manufacturers, Harness Manufacturers, Electrical Equipment Manufacturers, Precision Equipment Manufacturers, Electronic Components Manufacture
  • Business contentPrecision metal pressing processing and manufacture & sale of complicated products